The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense

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The Best (Self) Defense is a Good Offense


When walking, keep your purse close to your body.

Never leave your purse lying on a counter or in a shopping cart, even if you’re right next to it. Always keep purse closures fastened.

At night, walk only on heavily traveled, well-lighted streets.

Walk near the curb rather than near buildings, alleys or shrubbery.

If you believe you’re being followed as you walk, turn around and look. If you’re in danger, you can prepare to deal with it.

If you’re accosted while walking by someone in a car, run in the opposite direction the car is traveling. In the time it takes the car to turn around, you can be gone.

Always check for intruders in the back seat of your car before entering.

If a car is following you, don’t drive home. Drive to a police, fire or gas station, or any other populated, well-lighted area. Remember your horn is a good alarm.

To prevent carjacking, lock all doors when you’re driving.