Age-Resilient Homes: Crafting Elderly Safe Spaces

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Ensuring your home’s safety and comfort for elderly parents is essential. Here are some valuable recommendations to transform your home into a safe and nurturing environment:

Optimal Lighting Solutions:

  • Maximize Lighting: Make sure each room, corridor, and stairway has sufficient illumination.

  • Night Lights: Equip specific areas with night lights to facilitate safer movement during nighttime.

  • Sensor-based Lights: Installing lights that react to motion can greatly reduce the chances of accidents.

Bathroom and Toiletries:

  • Safety Bars: Equip showers and toilet areas with sturdy grab bars for support.

  • Traction-focused Mats: Position slip-resistant mats in the bathtub/shower and on the bathroom floor.

  • Bathtub Benches: Consider incorporating seats specifically designed for shower use.

Kitchen and Dining Spaces:

  • Handy Storage: Keep frequently utilized items within convenient reach.

  • Temperature Control Devices: Install safety features to avoid accidental burns from faucets or showerheads.

General Home Precautions:

  • Eliminate Risks: Keep living spaces clutter-free and secure loose wires and rugs to minimize tripping hazards.

  • Secure Flooring Solutions: Install wall-to-wall carpeting or use slip-resistant area rugs.

  • Staircase Safety Measures: Deadbolt handrails on both sides of stairs to provide additional support.

  • Accessible Emergency Contacts: Display emergency phone numbers in a large font by each telephone.

Property Consultation and Assistance

As real estate experts in Washington and licensed realtors, we would be delighted to help you find the perfect home tailored to both you and your elderly loved one's unique needs. Should you have any inquiries or need assistance, do not hesitate toget in touch with us.

Bear in mind that requirements vary among individuals; what might be suitable for one may not be ideal for another. Assess the living situation by consulting with your parent and understanding their specific needs and preferences. Involving your parent in the decision-making process is key to creating a pleasant and secure environment.

By taking appropriate safety measures, you significantly decrease the risks of falls or accidents, ensuring the well-being of your elderly parent in your home.